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Lumina Of London

Leaf Twine String Light

Leaf Twine String Light

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Illuminate Your Space with Leaf Twine Fairy Lights!

Step into a world where nature and magic entwine, creating an enchanting ambiance that transcends ordinary moments. Our Leaf Twine Fairy Lights invite you to experience the delicate dance of leaves and lights, where whispers of secrets echo through the foliage.

Key Features:

  • Nature-Inspired Elegance:

    • Adorn your space with the subtle elegance of 20 warm white LEDs entwined in leaves, creating a harmonious blend of nature's beauty and fairy light magic.
  • Battery-Powered Grace:

    • Experience the freedom of placement with battery-powered convenience. These fairy lights are powered by 3 x AA batteries (not included), allowing you to decorate any indoor space effortlessly.
  • Enchanting Illumination:

    • Illuminate your surroundings with an enchanted glow. The Leaf Twine Fairy Lights boast an illuminated length of 1.9 meters, casting a gentle radiance that transforms your space into a magical haven.
  • Thoughtful Timer Function:

    • Enjoy the magic without worry with the built-in timer feature. The lights operate for 6 hours, creating an enchanting atmosphere, and automatically turn off for 18 hours, ensuring a hassle-free and energy-efficient experience.
  • Premium Materials:

    • Crafted from a harmonious blend of fabric, hemp rope, and plastic, these fairy lights embody the essence of nature's embrace while maintaining durability and style.

Dance in Harmony with Nature's Whispers:

Immerse yourself in the poetic dance of leaves and lights with Leaf Twine Fairy Lights. Whether draped delicately or woven through your favorite nook, these lights infuse your indoor spaces with a touch of enchantment. Revel in the whispers of nature and the dance of lights as Leaf Twine Fairy Lights transform your space into a haven of magical moments. Illuminate your home with the grace and charm of nature-inspired fairy lights, where every evening becomes a lyrical symphony of light and whispers.

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